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Prinzessin Daisy: ja デイジー姫. en Princess Daisy. Die "Peach" für Luigi: Ganzer Name: Prinzessin Daisy Erster Auftritt: Super Mario Land. Letzter Auftritt Articles: Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Baby Mario and Baby. Mario suspected this princess to be his girlfriend Peach. But was wrong. Daisy was captured by Lord Kala and General Phai. After her capture, she is shown around the castle. she. Princess Peach vs Princess Daisy 2006 [edit] See Also . Daisy's Contest History [edit] External Links . Daisy's Contest History (lol x-stats) Daisy's Oracle History Entertainment and Arts question: Is princess peach related to princess daisy They're sisters so they are releted? Princess Peach and Princess Daisy are cousins they play sports and. to be confused with the other Mario gals, Pauline and Daisy, Peach was originally known in the west just as Princess. Luckily for Mario, Peach proved that she's not just a damsel. Prinzessin Peach die Schwester von Daisy. Peach wird immer von Bowser gekippnept. Games von Peach: Super Princess Peach. daisy und peach nennen sich princess sisters



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