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If you love candles, and spend money on them constantly, maybe you should consider getting a soy candle business of your own. These candles tend to sell themselves. More than 80. Mia Bella Candle Shop and the Mia Bella Candle Business Opportunity. A fun and unique Mia Bella candle business offering natural products. The VeggeiLight team can teach you how to start your own Gourmet Soy Candle Home Business today! Easy step by step directions. Free personalized coaching. Candle Business - A candle business is an exciting way to get started with Mia Bella, the 100% natural wax gourmet candle. Explore the Mia Bella candle business today. You can begin EARNING CASH RIGHT AWAY from your business with soy candles by selling your creations direct, or by taking advantage of fun and relaxing Candle Classes while you are. Home candle business information packet with candle scent samples. Many soy candle buyers are switching to the natural vegetable wax candles called. What Our Gourmet Candle Business offers . . . . . 1. A unique, gourmet wax candle that is.



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