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Produce a Bountiful Harvest of Sweet Golden Apricots! HARDY MANCHURIAN APRICOT HEDGE From the arctic-like tundras of Manchuria—where growing conditions can see-saw from sub-zero in. Will Manchurian apricot pollinate a Moongold apricot? Is Manchurian apricot sort of like a wild plum? I mean real common. Will a wild plum pollinate Underwood plum? Koehne from East Manchuria and North Korea; the Manchurian Apricot Prunus Mume (Sieb.) S. & Z. from China and Korea (though called the Japanese Apricot) Manchurian Apricot (Prunus mandshurica) is a small spreading tree 15 to 20 feet tall. It has a beautiful pinkish flower that blooms in the spring before the leaves emerge. Enter your email id in either of the text boxes and get free home delivery from Monsoon Spice :). Chicken-Apricot Seekh Kababs. Manchurian Cauliflower (Indo-Chinese Style), spicy garlic-infused tomato sauce, scallions. Double Decker Bread Pakoras, mint and.



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